Meatless Buffet

They have become some of our guests’ most popular choices: vegetarian or even vegan buffets which we have created for you with great efforts and care. We know, of course, that most of us are concerned with the challenges of our time – but to completely avoid animal products still remains unimaginable for many. What we would like to demonstrate is that a vegan buffet does not fall behind in any aspect, be it quality, sophistication or variety of flavours. On the contrary: many of our guests are positively surprised when presented our vegan buffet. Experience it for yourself and enjoy a vegetarian or vegan buffet, made with premium quality products from the region and lots of love.



Goat cheese panna cotta i saffron cauliflower
Lentil salad I malt beer vinaigrette I apple
Date tomatoes I passion fruit I pine nuts



Fricassée of white turnips I morel I cardamom rice
Poached vintage egg I spinach leaves I mashed potatoes
Grilled honey carrot I chickpea and eggplant curry
salt lemon



Chocolate mousse I pistachio crumble
Tres leches with coconut


Whether tasty snacks for a meeting, delicious finger food, a successful coffee break or an impressive dinner – the right advice and consulting at the beginning is highly important. Simply call us or send a mail.


Our Chefs de cuisine

André Steuer &
Wolfgang Keller

+49 30 200086-0