Buffet This is us

After more than 20 years of experience as a premium caterer, we decided at the beginning of 2019 to focus more on sustainability in the kitchen. Because premium without sustainability doesn't work for us (anymore). We are therefore increasingly relying on regional producers, working with inclusive businesses and tinkering with menus that show that sustainability can also be sexy. In our AXICA signature buffet "This is us" we combine what we have learned from 20 years of premium catering with the trends of today. We always put the joy of enjoyment in the foreground. The best products and real craftsmanship are a matter of course anyway. We also serve you wines from selected German winegrowers, with whom we have been close friends for many years.



Matja tartare with apple I brioche
Variation of corn chicken I wild herbs
Sweet potato with chickpea I tamarind



various pieces of beef - fried, braised, sousvide cooked I raisin bread I raw salad, BBQ dip

Salmon fillet from the spice butter I baked root vegetables I mashed potatoes

Parmesan loaf pasta I melted tomatoes I rocket I Pesto I roasted kernels



Créme Brûlée from Macis blossom
Beetroot cup cake with frosting


Whether tasty snacks for a meeting, delicious finger food, a successful coffee break or an impressive dinner – the right advice and consulting at the beginning is highly important. Simply call us or send a mail.


Our Chefs de cuisine

André Steuer &
Wolfgang Keller

+49 30 200086-0