Fresh fish from the region

When we think of fish on the menu, most of us come up with the classic salmon, zander, trout and halibut. But of course there are many more delicious fish that we innovatively showcase in this menu. The best thing about it? In this menu, we only use regional fish - our char also comes from sustainable fish farming - and hopefully not only show how diverse the world of domestic waters is, but also how diverse our region is in terms of fish.

And although we remain regional when it comes to shopping, the preparation becomes international. We use spanish influences for the starter with mackerel, combine the brook char with Asian ingredients and take a trip to the Mediterranean with pike fillet for the main course. When it comes to dessert, it becomes particularly exciting because we process the ingredients that most of us use as side dishes for the main fish course: cucumbers and citrus fruits. This is how innovation tastes!


Mackerel with sweet and sour capsicum vinaigrette
celeriac I candied mustard


Brook trout with seaweed salad I sesame crisp


Essence of smoked fish with fried poultry liver
gooseberry I port wine onion


Filet of pike with fennel-spinach roll
tomato I anise pearl barley


Saffron mousse with cucumber gratiné I citrus fruit salad


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Our Chefs de cuisine

André Steuer &
Wolfgang Keller

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