Everyone knows it from the plane: the safety announcements prior to take off. But how do guests orientate themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Even more in an emergency situation.

AXICA now offers wines from its own Signature Line. The wines come from Germany and are the most popular wines of our guests.

The new website of the AXICA appears in a new look since beginning of the year. 

The visitors of the new website make the AXICA experience from the first click: a spectacular sunset in the Atrium and breath taking picutres of the building are accompanied by specific information.

Event security is a current issue. With a modern tool the AXICA now offers event organizers and guests a new service for the registration management. We will send personalized tickets with QR code via e-mail to the participants on the basis of the provided guest list...

The free and rescpectful exchange of ideas and opinions across borders is now more valuable than ever.
Claudia Hamboch and Jens Wiegmann, who reported as journalists for the German Press Agency (dpa) and "Die Welt" from the USA, founded the Cotton Club in 2003, when German-American relations stagnated. Since then, the Cotton Club has been bringing together American personalities with journalists to discuss transatlantic issues...