2nd Arctic Science Ministerial

2nd Arctic Science Ministerial

The eternal ice of the Arctic melts. Their warming has far-reaching consequences - for the inhabitants of the Arctic, but also for the climate worldwide.

The 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial on 26 October in the AXICA has brought many new scientific insights and fruitful political discussions. During the meeting, ministers and heads of delegations from 26 nations and regions signed a joint statement. This includes the development and improvement of collaborative activities among the three themes:

1. Strengthening, integrating and maintaining Arctic observations, facilitating access to Arctic data and sharing the Arctic research infrastructure

2. Understanding the regional and global dynamics of Arctic change

3. Assess the vulnerability and resilience of arctic environments and societies

AXICA project manager Tetyana Heß appreciated the internationality of the event and the related personal contacts - despite the extensive coordination effort internally and externally.

Find more information about the conference here.

Photos: BMBF / Thomas Rafalzyk



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