9. Petersberg climate dialog

9. Petersberg climate dialog

The Petersberg climate dialogue had its premiere in May 2010 in Bonn on the Petersberg and should bring new momentum in the international climate negotiations. The aim was to initiate a trusting and open exchange on the way to a demanding UN climate agreement. Already in its second edition, the Petersberg Climate Dialogue moved from Bonn to Berlin to AXICA. At that time, the large round table was specially made, which once again offered room for the 35 ministers from all over the world.

The focal point of the 9th Petersberg Climate Dialogue on 18 and 19 June 2018 was the unity of climate protection and justice. The event ended with a clear commitment from representatives from 35 countries to an ambitious and social implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

AXICA project manager Anna-Lisa Kammeier, who for the first time took care of the organization of this high-level event, met a well-established team of managers both at the Federal Environment Ministry and at AXICA. Whether with set-up, safety, technology, kitchen, service - the process went like clockwork.

Photos: BMU / Thomas Koehler



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