AXICA Bottled Water

AXICA Bottled Water

Bubbled or still, ice cold or uncooled: every year we serve about 30,000 liters of table water at our events. So far, the water came in bottles from the state of Brandenburg to us, about 90 km away from Berlin-Mitte.

Now we have our own filter and bottling plant and can tap our own drinking water. This saves transport routes and protects our environment. "Stiftung Warentest", a german independently test organization for consumer goods,  has already confirmed that Berlin's drinking water has a good quality. In addition, the water quality in our house is regularly checked by the SGS Institut Fresenius.

In our in-house (non-representative) water tasting among our colleagues, AXICA bottled water has already received only top marks.

The conversion to our own bottled water is part of our sustainability offensive. Further information on sustainability in AXICA can be found HERE.



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