Charity Lunch - lunch with a good purpose

Charity Lunch - lunch with a good purpose

AXICA is actively calling on tenants of the house on Pariser Platz 3 to tackle the food waste, to appreciate the high quality food that has been handcrafted in our kitchen and thus to save energy and conserve resources. Around 50 portions are handed out every day to tenants and neighbors in the in-house bistro.

In the future there will be a charity lunch buffet once a month on a Friday.

The meals offered are not retrieved products from our events. The set-up for the buffet will be very varied and include different sorts of meat, marinated salads, side dishes, soup or desserts. Important for the bistro guests is: probably not all dishes will be enough for all guests. If a food, side dish, soup or dessert is no longer available, all components of the production are used up.

The buffet is always accompanied and explained by a trainee or cook.

The offer on this Friday will always have a constant price. Of this amount, we donate 50% to the "Gemüseackerdemie", a non-profit organization. We will inform the guests about the organization with a presentation in the bistro and about the amount increasing during the year.

The "Gemüseackerdemie" (Vegetable Academy) has set itself the goal to provide children and young people unique experiences around the topic of food.

Further information: WWW.GEMUESEACKERDEMIE.DE.



Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information. Call or write us!



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