Common Good Economics

Common Good Economics

Since September 2021, the AXICA event location in Berlin is accounted with the certificate of “Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie” (common good economy). Since 2019, the AXICA team has already been working intensively on their vision to contribute significantly to the sustainable change of society. The certification as "Sustainable Meeting Partner" by visitBerlin was a first big step towards sustainable action. With the GWÖ (common good economy) balancing, a next big milestone has been reached, which puts the focus on people and society - in line with AXICA's values.

As an alternative economic model, the common good economy focuses on principles beyond the financial balance sheet: a constant increase in the common good instead of profit maximization. The central pillars of GWÖ are human dignity, solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice as well as co-determination and transparency.

AXICA employee Cathrin Mühlbauer, who has been working intensively on the topic for the past six months, explains: "The instrument of the common good balance sheet offers a comprehensible option for capturing values in figures. The goal is an accurate and consistent assessment of where we are as a company on the path to the common good. The basis is a matrix that is used to rank and measure the company in terms of ethical values and efforts. In this context, the meetings within the peer group with our two GWÖ auditors were interesting and instructive, showing how differently organizations and companies approach these topics."

The common good balance sheet is audited in a similar way to the financial balance sheet. Instead of auditors, community auditors are used to review the balance sheet prepared by the company as an external body and issue a community audit certificate that is valid for two years. This certificate is now available to AXICA and the assessment serves as a basis for AXICA to continuously develop and improve.

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