eat! Berlin Gala Dinner

eat! Berlin Gala Dinner

The gourmet festival eat! Berlin had its grand finale on March 1st at AXICA. Senator Ramona Pop and festival director Bernhard Moser welcomed 230 cheerful guests to the award ceremony and a 5-course menu that met the expectations of a star restaurant.

The Austrian chef Jörg Wörther was honored for his life's work and the Berlin restaurateurs Anja and Carsten Schmidt as promoters of culinary culture. The 2020 Kochu Karu restaurant with Bini Lee and José Miranda Morillo received the Audience Award.

The AXICA kitchen became a gourmet team workshop and the AXICA chefs Wolfgang Keller and André Steuer shared the worktop and stove with highly valued guest chefs.

The colleagues from "Holycrab!" started with a bouillabaise from the Chinese wool crab, poached catfish from regional wild catch, watercress and lemon. Benjamin Biedlingmaier from "Caroussel" surprised the guests with his starter: faux grass as a vegetarian version, caramelized fennel and passion fruit, followed by David Schubert from "kochZIMMER" with his intermediate course: halibut, parsley, capers, lime.

The main course sparked great enthusiasm: AXICA head chef Wolfgang Keller had used his favorite spice and thus given a classic a new dimension: veal fillet with aniseed varnish, beetroot and Jerusalem artichoke cream.

Florian Glauert from "Duke" and Johann Kreter from "Die Brodstätte" staged the dessert as a street art show.

The evening was again moderated by Daniel Finger and Sven Oswald from radioeins.

The guest chefs were deeply impressed by the way our AXICA chefs work: five courses of 230 portions in star quality served to the point - that was worth a round of applause among colleagues at the end of the evening.

Photos: eat! Berlin / AXICA

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