Further Education

Further Education

Many skills and talents unite in the AXICA. Our employees are trained travel professionals, event managers, hotel experts, logisticians and master chefs. And because we like to share our knowledge, we train in the field of event management and cuisine. So that our apprentices have as many trained contact persons as possible, another colleague has taken the apprentice suitability examination this summer. Dewiyana Fauzan completed a one-week intensive course at the IHK in July and passed the theoretical and practical exam for the event management sector.

The training included both vocational and work educational basics such as learning objectives, training methods, application management, assessment interviews and intercultural competence as well as legal foundations of vocational training such as employment law, vocational training relationship, training contract, youth employment protection law and examinations.

Dewiyana was fully committed to it and was able to apply her learned knowledge immediately to our trainees. "The Intensive Course has helped me - in addition to providing a professional overview - to develop a greater understanding of the challenges that our trainees face in our and their daily work. I am very pleased to be part of the professional and social development of our young people within our company"



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