Fulbright Prize for Merkel

Fulbright Prize for Merkel

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel accepted the "Fulbright Prize" ("the J. William Fulbright Prize for International Understanding") at the AXICA in Berlin on January 28, 2019.

With this award, the Fulbright Association recognizes the Federal Chancellor as an outstanding leader and for her strong commitment to mutual understanding, international cooperation and peace. The prize has been awarded since 1993. First prize winner was Nelson Mandela. The Chancellor is the first German personality to be honored with this award. The Fulbright Prize was first awarded outside the US this year. The journalist Christiane Amanpour ("Chief International Anchor at CNN") gave the eulogy. Reigning US Ambassador Richard Grenell was also among the invited guests that evening.

In her speech of thanks, Merkel invoked the shared values ​​that exist on both sides of the Atlantic, even in times when one disagrees. Merkel stressed the value of international understanding and described the European Union as "the best idea we have ever had on this continent".

After the award ceremony Angela Merkel stayed on a glass of white wine and talked animatedly with the guests. The extensive press section was already on the way to the newsrooms to spread the news about the award ceremony.

Photos: Fulbright Association / Thomas Rafalzyk

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