Its all gold that shines

Its all gold that shines

It is always our ambition and heart's desire to make events shine. This time, however, it was not just our glass roof that was strikingly beautiful in the evening sun - this time we were dealing with a lot of (real!) Gold.

Our auditorium housed an incredibly valuable exhibit: Gold coins were displayed from ancient times to the present day. The guests had the opportunity to grasp the gold as a raw material and also to take the heavy bars in the hand. With the food the theme of the evening was taken up by our cooks and gold dust was found on several courses of the exclusive menu. Of course, the security at this event was particularly high. Project manager Irene Wolters had her hands full in the run-up to bring the event's smooth running and security concept under one roof - and was overjoyed in the evening that everything worked like clockwork.

Nice reward for the many arrangements before the event, was the appreciation and the wonderful feedback from the guests and customers:

"Sensational location, excellent service both in the planning stage and in the implementation on the day of the event Very professional and service-oriented work, fast processing, excellent communication and response After 20 years of professional experience: the king discipline on the whole line Thank you for the commitment, your special form of cooperation! "

Ayse Sarimehmetoglu, GLOBAL GOLD


photos: AXICA / Thomas Rafalzyk



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