Podcast: The TV Tower's Christina Aue

Podcast: The TV Tower's Christina Aue

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Listen up, because we're going up high: In this episode, the host of the wonderful podcast "Berlin's Awakening Beauties", Mark Felstead, talks to Christina Aue, the managing director of the iconic Berlin TV Tower. It is not only a great landmark with its 360-degree view over the city from the observation deck 203 metres above the ground, but also a unique event venue. "The highest sightseeing tour in Berlin", as Christina Aue so beautifully describes it.


The TV tower, from which you can get a bird's eye view of the city, is now open to the public again, with current health and hygiene regulations applying, of course. Christina explains in the podcast how the TV Tower offers artists, photographers, DJs and musicians a much-needed venue for performances and exhibitions, giving something back to Berliners after critical pandemic times.


Christina is also the executive director of the World Federation of Great Towers, an association of 51 towers from around the world. Definitely a way to keep an eye on the big picture!


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