Podcast with Kay-Sölve Richter

Podcast with Kay-Sölve Richter

You can find the podcast episode HERE, as well as via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

In the 8th episode of "Berlin's Awakening Beauties", our colleague and host Mark Felstead talks to a celebrity of German television:

Kay-Sölve Richter is a woman to whom Mark confesses that he has also often shared his morning coffee with her. Only via television, of course, as she is also a newsreader for the ZDF morning magazine.

Kay-Sölve is an absolute bundle of energy and floods the podcast airwaves with her passion and energy as she explains the transition from television to presenting at live events. She also describes her work as a communication / executive coach for people presenting on stage or in front of the camera. And she reveals her top three tips for presenting in front of a large audience in the podcast.

Before the pandemic, Kay-Sölve was in great demand for panel discussions, conferences and gala dinners, and now she also presents as a professional for hybrid and virtual events.

Kay-Sölve advises treating the pandemic as an opportunity, but agrees that "nothing can replace face to face".

Get ready for a wild ride with Kay-Sölve and Mark, who for once is speechless himself for a short time - she predicts a future full of hybrid events.

If you like what you hear from Kay-Sölve, read her new book "Executive Presence - presenting persuasively when it matters".

You can find the podcast episode HERE, as well as via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The podcast "Berlins Awakening Beauties" is a cooperation of Mark Felstead, CMW and AXICA.

Photo: Petra A. Killik



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