Protocol Manager

Protocol Manager

We often welcome high-ranking political decision-makers at international conferences and gala events at AXICA. In order to meet the special requirements of these events even better, our colleague Tetyana Hess used the event-free time in the summer and completed an apprenticeship as a protocol manager.

The five-day seminar was held by Alexander Freiherr v. Fircks. For many years he was Head of National Protocols and National Representation at the Federal Government before he was appointed Chief of Protocol at the World Exhibition EXPO 2000. The intensive seminar dealt with the topics of protocol reception rituals, rules of protocol ranking, e.g. in the case of placement at conferences, discussions and meals, also with guest accompaniment and care, presence and appearance of the minutes in the team, interfaces to security and media and, last but not least, correct address and address in terms of protocol. The topic of event planning from a protocol perspective was particularly interesting for Tetyana. In doing so, she was able to determine that, thanks to the many years of experience our team has gained at a wide variety of events, many things are already very routine at AXICA. Of course, it is important to work with our partner in the area of ​​security, but all the other departments also work hand in hand here in order to adhere to the sometimes meticulously timed programs and to make the events a success.

We are very happy to have a trained expert on the team in Tetyana for the special protocol requirements of political and international events.




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