Ready for the marathon

Ready for the marathon

The AXICA Catering Team has been a partner of SCC Running for many years and accompanies both the half marathon and the marathon culinary. The get-together on the eve of the 45th BMW Berlin Marathon took place this time in the capital representation of Deutsche Telekom. A place with tradition: the house was built in 1878 as the "Imperial Main Telegraph Office". Today it stands for future-oriented technology and modern media.

Each year, our catering team surprises the 500 invited guests with a new food concept: for the reception there were international specialties such as Vitello Tonato, Sashimi from Norilachs and Wasabi gelato and avocado coffee. The buffet enticed with entrees such as rolls of the Saitling and Celestine and cream cheese, chili shrimp with glass noodle salad and yuzu, salad of green papaya with pointed peppers and roasted nuts. As a main course, guests enjoyed frikassé of black and green peas, fried pike-perch fillet with bergamot and parsley rice, and spiced nutmeg with baked potatoes and herb relish. For dessert there was saffron chocolate cream with honey and lemon cheese cake. Much praised was the cheese station, which was presented by Fritz Lloyd Blomeyer. Blomeyer himself was a season on the Allgäu Alps and now beats in Berlin with a lot of heart and know how the logistical bridge to the numerous, great cheese manufacturers in Germany. For the regional cheese selection we served walnut and cranberry bread.



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