Spice Sommelier

Spice Sommelier

You never stop learning! This is the credo of our Chef de Cuisine Wolfgang Keller. Wolfgang is of course a trained chef and has already worked in a variety of dining facilities: from staff catering to an awarded star restaurant. His favorite food concepts for menus and buffets have always included unusual combinations of ingredients with special spices.

He has now added a professional qualification to this derived from his passion for delicate nuances: at the Genuss-Akademie Bayern in Kulmbach, Wolfgang has been attending courses for more than half a year and now holds a certificate as "spice sommelier".

The courses´ topics were as multifaceted as the spices: cultural history, basics of spice and herbology, food pairing, health and health effects, sensors and communication. The theoretical courses were accompanied by excursions into the surrounding areas to collect local herbs, which were then processed in dressings, salads, used as pizza topping or for bread. Star anise was particularly appealing to Wolfgang. This spice looks not only beautiful, it can also be used in many ways and has a pleasantly warm taste.

The whole AXICA team congratulates Wolfgang for succesfully passing the exam and looks forward to many nice new well spiced food concepts.

Photos: AXICA / Genussakademie

Further information about the Genussakademie can be found HERE.



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