This is how we compensate CO2 emissions

This is how we compensate CO2 emissions

Our goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions of the events in our house to a minimum. Until we have achieved this goal, we will compensate the CO2 emissions per tonne of CO2 equivalent through a CLIMATE EUTRALITY PROJECT OF CONCLIMATE IN ABUJA, NIGERIA.

Up until now, the local population in Abuja has been cooking over open fires with cooking ovens that are harmful to the climate and their health. With this project, on the initiative of a local women's group, efficient cooking stoves made of metal or clay are being used instead. These cooking stoves save large amounts of energy and help to reduce deforestation. The health of many local families is improving, resources are being saved and CO2 emissions are being reduced. Last year (2021), we have compensated 267.3 tonnes of CO2 equivalents with this project.

Our Sustainability Manager, ANDRÉ STEUER, will be happy to assist you with the sustainable realisation of your event and until then, you can find our SUSTAINABILITY TIPS FOR EVENTS here.



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