TOP Training Company

TOP Training Company

We always see training as an investment in the future! More than ever, the quality of the training is not only decisive for the life of a young person - it is also an indicator of how companies can adapt to changing conditions - especially in difficult times like these. AXICA has been training in the event management and kitchen departments for several years. And in this fateful year 2020, too, the AXICA team takes responsibility for the future. The trainees can rely on qualified trainers such as Dewiyana Fauzan and Michael Temlitz and colleagues who not only understand their craft, but also pass it on in a qualified manner.

AXICA was recently certified by DEHOGA as a TOP training company. This means that both the technical and the human support of the trainees has a high priority in the company. Participation in competitions such as the Creative Cup for the chefs are supported and the trainees take on their own projects such as AXICA customer events. It goes without saying that we comply with the statutory provisions, the general training plan, working hours and collectively agreed training remuneration.

Training junior staff, discovering and promoting their talents and supporting them in their careers from the very beginning and thereby uncovering hidden skills - this is not only an important concern for us but also part of the AXICA Code of Conduct.



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