what does a csr representative actually do?

what does a csr representative actually do?

For our colleague Alexandra Beck, sustainability is a matter of course. When the team of AXICA decided to undergo the audit as visitBerlin's Sustainable Meeting Partner, it was no question for Alexandra to take the lead for this project.

Alexandra took part in a three-day seminar at the Umweltinstitut Offenbach in June and trained as a CSR manager. Standards, certificates, criteria, rankings, initiatives and reporting - which is right for AXICA? Developing the right and appropriate strategy for our company was and is for Alexandra a challenge and affair of the heart at the same time.

In addition to documenting the audit criteria as a "Sustainable Partner", dealing with this topic has an intensive effect on the entire AXICA team. Before work, during breaks and, of course, in discussions with customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues, we are now increasingly discussing how to use energy and resources efficiently and gently, what remnants of our food production can be recycled, how and why, where we can save water or create additional bicycle parking spaces - how we together want to shape our future not only in the AXICA.

Alexandra's favorite topics are the step-by-step conversion of AXICA's range of dishes to vegetarian and vegan concepts, the greater involvement of regional culinary partners, the presentation of local organic diversity and the newly founded AG Innovation to further the sustainability of all new product developments for the future to pursue.

A first step is done with certification. For Alexandra and our team, it is a way to sustainably change our actions and our industry with the common goal.

Photo: AXICA / Thomas Rafalzyk



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